Dragon Tears Audiobook by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz – Dragon Tears Audiobook

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Dragon Tears Audiobook by Dean Koontz


Dragon Tears is a novel by Dean Koontz that tells the story of two ordinary people, Harry and also Connie, who are caught up in an extraordinary collection of events that intimidate to ruin their lives. The book discovers themes of excellent versus wicked, love, as well as the power of the human spirit to overcome misfortune.

The story starts with the intro of Harry Lyon, an investigative with the LAPD, who is having a tough time taking care of the recent break up of his marital relationship. Dean Koontz – Dragon Tears Audiobook Free. One night, while on patrol, he and also his partner, Connie Gulliver, stumble upon a strange scene: a homeless guy with glowing eyes and mythological powers. This man, that calls himself the “Dragon”, has the capacity to manage the aspects, including fire as well as water, and is established to precise revenge on those who have actually mistreated him.

As Harry and Connie seek the Dragon, they are attracted into a world of supernatural forces as well as dark keys. Along the way, they encounter a cast of characters, consisting of a rich entrepreneur, a sadistic guard, and also a troubled young adult, all of whom are connected to the Dragon somehow.

As the Dragon’s power grows, Harry and Connie need to depend on each other and also their own inner strength to make it through. They likewise locate unanticipated allies, consisting of a team of homeless individuals who have their very own reasons for wishing to quit the Dragon.

As the novel advances, the tension constructs, as well as the stakes come to be greater. Harry and also Connie soon realize that they are not just fighting an effective adversary, but additionally fighting their very own anxieties as well as questions. Along the road, they uncover that love and also human link are their best tools versus evil.

The final face-off in between Harry as well as the Dragon is a thrilling and extreme orgasm to the story. Dean Koontz – Dragon Tears Audiobook Online. The Dragon is ultimately beat, but at a wonderful expense to Harry and also Connie. However, the experience has likewise brought them closer with each other and also given them a newly found recognition for the power of love and the human spirit.

In the long run, Dragon Tears is a tale about the victory of the human spirit over adversity as well as the power of love to conquer even the darkest of pressures. Koontz’s masterful narration and also brilliant personalities create a memorable read.